My Favorite Dinner Party

Eating with your Fingers

We all do it, and then sometimes we think should we? The following are items you may be served at a dinner party:

When a steamed artichoke is served with a dipping sauce use your fingers! If aspargus comes without a sauce you can pick it up! Likewise when crisp bacon is served and the grease well drained. Nothing is better than a nibble while holding it. Who wants to put a fork into the bacon to watch it splinter into a multiude of pieces.

As for bread. It is always broken, never cut with knife. If there is butter with the bread -- and this would not be the case for a formal dinner -- butter the small piece just before eating it. Resist the urge to butter half the bun at a time! And, as my mother-in-law would remind from time to time, never pick it up and butter the bread in your hand.

Except, there is always an exception, if you are served a hot roll, then tear the roll lengthwise and place some butter on the warm bread to melt. Corn on the cob - of course.