Chef Delphina finishing the hazelnut torteTorta di nocciole con Zabaglione

Chef Delfina putting the finishing touches on the tortes. More on Agriturismo Dindina at Italy 2008 Travels

This is a hazelnut tote that was served with Zabaglione. We made this dish at a cooking school in the Langhe area of Italy -- Dindina Agriturismo in the very small town of Neviglie. Nice dessert.

For the Cake

150 grams flour
150 grams ground hazelnuts
150 grams butter, softened
200 grams sugar
3 eggs
5 grams baking powder - about 1.5 teaspoons

Place the hazelnuts, sugar, butter and a touch of salt in a mixing bowl and combine with electric beaters. Add one egg at a time and mix well, until light and airy. Then, when all combine the flour.

Pour and pat the mixture into a greased baking pan dusted with flour. The batter is very thick. In the class we lined the pans with parchment paper, dampened the paper to make it easier to mold to the sides of the pan and then added the mixture. Easy to get out. I tried this again when I got home and parchment paper is now one of by basic tools!

Sprinkle a little sugar on the top to help make a nice crust and then place in a per-heated over (200C / 390F) and bake for 30 to 35minutes.

Chef Delphina For the Zabaglione

Glenn Marcus mixing the cake at Agriturismo Dindina.

6 egg yolks
6 tablespoons sugar
6 half-egg shells of Moscato

At high speed beat the egg yolks and sugar in a mixing bowl until light and airy. Add the Moscato and mix well. We filled half an egg-shell with the Moscatto in the class. When I did this for the first time back home I think I used the a little too much, so adjust to your taste, I would suggest about a tablespoon per person is enough.

Place some water in a pot, then place a bowl over the hot water (bani-marie). Pour the mixture into the bowl over the hot water and mix constantly - don't let the egg mixture boil and be careful not to overcook.