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Colours: Good range

The ink is made by Abraxas Switzerland. This is not a brand commonly found, however, I do see it listed on a variety of pen web sites and through stores. The ink comes in vivid colours. The bottles are sometimes sealed with a cork and wax. Looks great, but that does create questions in terms of the ability to transport the ink once opened.

An important aspect to remember when selecting Abraxas in is the company makes a range of inks, many of which are not suitable for fountain pens. If you are going to try their inks, make sure you are selecting one of the lines they have produced that are suitable for fountain pens.

The Classic Line, Calligraphy & Drawing Ink is not suitable for fountain pens. It goes without saying, that any of their metallic lines are not suitable for fountain pens either. They sell an Oak Gall Ink, again, not for fountain pens. Phenomena is another line of writing-drawing inks, but don't be fooled with the term writing ink - it it not suitable for fountain pens.

As I went through the list of inks some were marked as useable with fountain pens.

I am not going to try this ink in any of my pens. I think I am going to restrict my use to companies that make inks that are solely made to be used in a fountain pen.





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