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Aurora ink

Aurora Ink the Classic Three Colours

Up to 2019, Aurora ink was availble in three colours: Black, Blue and Blue-Black. Many of the long terms users of Aurora ink that the introduction of Blue-Back was a big move. The ink has had a loyal, well deserved following, as Aurora Black is often considered to be the perfect black ink. Although the labels changed when Blue-Black was released, the ink comes in a well designed 45 ml glass bottle. I say well designed as the bottle is tall and relatively narrow and that makes filling up a fountain pen easier than with a shallower bottle.

Then in 2019, to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the company and whole new line of colours were released. New colours, new bottles.

Aurora 2019 Anniversary Inks

Aurora Black


Aurora Black

What makes Aurora Black so noted? The ink is often referred to as a true black. It works very well in all pens. Some other blacks like Sailor's Kiwa-Guro Black is a pigmented, versus dye ink. I havew read that some users of that Sailor ink find that with broad nibs there can be pooling. Also, Aurora Black has a relatively quick dry time and it is known for good flow. This is not an ink that will be described as "dryu or "wet".

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