Colours: Blue, Black

Aurora Ink

This Ink comes in two colours: blue and black.

Previously the labels did not easily give you an indication of the colour of ink in the bottle. Thankfully the labels have changed. The labels not indicate the colour of the ink.

The inks are rich in colour tone. I particularly like the tall ink bottle as it fits into a briefcase and it is easy to get a large nib submerged in the ink. I find that I take this ink with me on the road as it does not take up a lot of room in the brief case and unlike a shallow bottle, I always know I can get a good fill.

The bottle hold 45 ml of ink, just a bit smaller than the somewhat traditional 50 ml bottle.

Aurora Black

Black - I, and a lot of other people, consistently note this as being one the best blacks you can buy. Rich tone, flows smoothly. A pen nib will glide across the paper. Very reasonable dry time. One of my Ink of Choice

Aurora Blue

Blue - deep rich tone, with just a hint of purple. There have been times when I have through too much of a purple undertone, but I find I keep coming back to this ink. A good performing ink, working well in just about any pen I own. One of my Ink of Choice.