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The ink is made by Private Reserve and it is availalbe in a range of colours. It is the same ink as Private Reserve.

As with most saturated colours, if you change your ink colours regularly, you may spend more time rinsing the pen out with water than enjoying the ink! But the deep colours are great.

  • Ocean Blue - this is the same colour as Private Reserve Lake Placid Blue. Bright bold blue.
  • Mountain Violet - this is the "Plum" found in the Private Reserve line. Bright and dark tones, I have liked the strength of the colour, but when I go back and look at notes I made, a full page of this colour is hard to take!
  • Midnight Black - a rich dark black, should meet most of the "must have characteristics that pen folks usually seem to ask about a black. This is the Private Reserve Velvet Black.
  • Harmony Green - gold rich green, strong in colour. Nothing faint about this ink. It is the Sherwood Green of Private Reserve.
  • Turquoise - this is the Private Reserve Naples Blue, a colour I have always enjoyed using.
  • Mocha - mid brown with a bit of red yellow tone to it; it is the Private Reserver Copper Burst. I think the Copper is a better description of its colour.
  • Lapis Blue - this is the blue/purple Tanzanite of Private Reserver. Good dark, strong in colour saturation ink.





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