Delta Ink

The bottle is described as real solid. At one time the bottles were available with a metal top with a rubber gasket just makes one feel more secure.

Delta InkThe ink is not that common across North America. I seem to typically by my Delta ink when I am in Amalfi. For the past two years (2009, 2010) the bottles there came with a plastic cap. The bottles with the metal tops have a rubber seal and are highly thought of. The next time I am at the factory I will be sure to ask more questions about their ink.

The ink comes in Black, Blue, Brown, Green, Orange and Red.

The bottles are a bit smaller (30 ml) from what I consider the standard size of 50 ml.

The two colours I have used the most are black and blue. I find the ink performs well.

If you buy one of the upper end pens, it will usally come with a small bottle of ink as part of the presentation box. For example any of the Dolcevita pens come with a bottle of ink branded for the "dolcevita collection" and my Rediscover Pompei pen came with its own Pompei ink bottle. Great as an accessory but a bit too small for regular use.


Black - while some reviewers have said this is not a true dark black, from my use of the ink I like the tone and it is a good black with no gray undertone. The ink performed well in a variety of pens. My only concern is the size of the bottle. I seem to buy this ink in Italy, when I am traveling, and the bottle does well in my travel briefcase.

Blue - we are already thinking of returning to Amalfi next year (2013) and I will be picking up some Blue in at the store in Amalfi which sells Delta Pens and ink. I have not used the blue yet, but I am told it is a rich royal blue.

Brown - there is the tone of copper to this brown.

Green - dark green, no yellow tones, I am told to think Hunter Green..

Orange - well on paper it is more of an orange/yellow.

Red - this is a strong red with no orange or pink undertones.