S. T. Dupont

Colours: Blue, Black, Night Blue, Turquoise, Sienna

S.T. Dupont InkSo there is style and there is function. The best is when the two meet. But with the new S.T. Dupont Ink bottle, this is not the case. In fact, the same issues with the very shallow round bottle remain with this trenty new bottle.

It is one of those ink bottles that could just sit on your desk and look darn great.

The new bottles are the same size, 50 ml.

I will be in Paris early summer and will stop by some of the stores and hear about the response to the bottle.

Dupont fountain pen inkI had received a the older bottle, with their blue ink as gift. I was really impressed with the bottle until I went to use the ink.

The bottle, although it is a 50 ml in size, is simply too shallow for a pen with a large nib. Try filling up a Pelikan M1000! Because of the bottle I have never purchased additional supplies of the ink.

  • Blue - The blue, available in bottles, is somewhat similar in colour to Waterman Florida Blue, but with less saturated tone. I found it a tad light in tone for my liking. Because I was having difficulty filling my pen from the shallow bottle my time with this ink was limited.
  • Black - I have not used this colour, however, the black is described as a "wonderful black ink, with no problem clogging pens, good with even broad-nib pens". (Thanks: M Ferrier)