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Glenn's Pens - Edelstein Inks

2018 Olivine

Olivine Ink of the Year 2018

2018 Olivine

The 2018 Colour of the Year, Olivine, hit the stores in at the end of March. It is a beautiful green with an olive tone. Gives the green a has a beautiful soft tone yet a strong bold colour.


2017 Smoky Quartz

2017 Ink of the Year Smoky Quartz

A beautiful dark true brown was issued in 2017 - Smoky Quartz.

2016 Aquamarine

2016 Edelstein Ink of the Year

The 2016 colour, Aquamarine, is a green with a hint of blue.

2015 Amethyst

Amethyst is a ink in a beautiful purple tone. It is often described as a medium purple in terms of its colour depth. The wider the nib, the more the pen gives shading of various tones of purple.


2014 Garnet

The 2014 colour is a red with a touch of what I would consider coral.


2013 Amber

Edlestein Amber

The 2013 colour is a gold tone ink. Some of the user comments I have seen note that is can be considered rther light. The ink has good shading with a broad or stub nib.

2012 Turmaline

Edelstein Turmaline

The n ame Edelstein means precious stones, and the ink of the year reflect the colours of gem stones. Here is a colour that is described as a bold pink.

Adventurine Green

This ink was issued in 2011, but did not carry the tag, Ink of the Year. I remember talking to staff at Pelikan when this ink was issues, and they were very excited about the colour. I have used it and find it to be a solid green