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Edelstein Ink

Edelstein ink, produced by Pelikan, is a very good performing ink. It comes in a range of vivid colours. Edelstein, translated to english means gem stone, and each of the colours are supposed to correspond to a gem stone colour.

Not only is this a good performing ink but it comes in a great bottle. The glass falcon, hold 50 ml ofink and each bottle has a bit of an unique shape. The bottle of heavy glass feels very good in the hand. Lots of smooth curves. You will like picking up your bottle of ink as often as you can.


Ink of the Year

The company started a great trend. In addition to its standard line of colours, but each year they issue an "Ink of the Year". The ink is available that year until the stocks sell out. In a couple of instances, one of the Ink of the Year will be added to its regular production. For example, Aquamarine, the 2016 Ink of the Year, was added to its ongoing production line.

    • Turmaline (Plum) 2012
    • Amber (Yello)2013
    • Garnet (Dark Red) 2014
    • Amethyst (Purple) 2015
    • Acquamarine (Teal) 2016
    • Smoky Quartz (Brown) 2017
    • Olivine (Olive Green) 2018
    • Star Ruby (Red/Burgundy-Pin) 2019
    • Moonstone (Grey) 2020


Regular Production Line

The regular production lines of ink include:

    • Onyx (Black)
    • Tanzanite (Blue-Black)
    • Sapphire (Blue)
    • Topaz (Turquoise Blue)
    • Jade (Light Green)
    • Aventurine (Green)
    • Mandarin (Oranage)
    • Ruby (Red)


Star Ruby

Star Ruby, Edelstein

Star Ruby

When this ink came out as the Ink of the Year 2019 my first quesion was: how different could this be from Ruby Red? Well it is, is has a bit of a pink undertone. The Star Ruby has a brightness about it. It is a very attractive ink.

In terms of performance, the ink is an excellent ink to use. I have not found significant differences between the various colours. When I find some inks to be wet and taking a bit longer to dry, more than often I find the difference relating to the nib or the paper I am using.


Topaz Blue, Edelstein

Topaz Blue

This is an interesting shade of blue, and one colour that changes in overall depth depending on the nib used in the pen. From a deep dark tone to almost a turquoise. Yes it has changed depending on the pen and paper.

Sapphire Blue

Sapphire Blue, Edelstein

Sapphire Blue

There are such high expectations on blue inks. There is the ongoing search for the perfect blue. Everythime a new colour is release, if it is blue, it must be judged with high expectations.

This is a good blue, solid in colour and tone. But it is not for me, the blue with a "WOW" factor. That little something not commonly found in a blue ink.

But dpn't get me wrong. It is a very good ink. Good performing. I have written on various brands of paper. Used it in business and personal writing. This is a blue that is easy on the eye, yet leaves a solid impression on the page.


Aventurine, Edelstein


This is a beautiful bold green ink. I think everyone needs a green and this dark green nicely fits the bill for all round acceptable colour.

I have been using this ink for both business and pesonal use. At work, pages written in this ink are easy on the eye. When looking over notes from meetings the ink has a real presence. It is what I would call an confident colour.

I have tried the ink with various papers incuded Rhodia, Clairefountaine and Fabriano to name the three most common paper. In my Leuchtturm 1917 Journals, it is a pleasure to read over previous writing.


Aquamarine, Edelstein


To me this is the blue-green colours of the sea. They are both in this popular ink, however, a bit more green. The ink comes across as a variation of the green.

The ink was originally one of the colours of the year, and it made it way into the regular production line. The ink is very similar to the other Edelstein colours. This is a good performing ink. Writes well acreoss all the major lines of paper and in various pens I have loaded with the ink over the past years.

Olivine, Edelstein

Olivine, Edelstein


This is probably the top ranking colour in my books in the Edelstein line of inks. When Olivine came out as the Colour of the Year 2018, as soon as I started to use it I send off an order for six bottles. I did not want to be without this ink at the end of the year!

The ink is a solid medium tone green, with soft, warm olive colour tones. It gives the ink such a wonderful appearance on the page. As soon as it came out, I made it my Travel Journal colour of the year and loaded my various pens with the ink and used it exclusively in my Travel Journal. For me, that is a fair amount of writing. I was using Clairefontaine and Fabriano papers on that trip. It was an ink of excellent performance.

I still use it regularly. There are other olive green inks that I use. Safari by Diamine is very appealing although it is a lot lighter in tone.

More Edelstein inks to be included here.



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