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The inks are made by Kyo no oto in Kyoto, Japan. The colours are inspired by locations in Japan. The inks are crafted according traditional Japanese dyeing techniques.

The kyo-no-oto branded ink comes in five colours:

  • No 01 - Nurebairo (Black) - the name is to represent a women's glossy black hair.
  • No 02 - Imayou-iro (cherry blossom tone) -
  • No 0 3 - Kokeiro (moss green)
  • No 04 - Yamabukiiro (gold-brown)
  • No 05 - Aonibi (blue-black)

There are also colours branded Ky o-iro - I have not tried or seem samples of these colours, however, for reference the colours that are available are:

  • Stone Road of Gion (brown/gold)
  • Soft Snow of Ohara (blue/purple)
  • Flaming Red of Fushimi (red)
  • Moonlight of Higashiyama (brown/gold)
  • Cherry Blossom of Keage (red/burgundy)

No 01 - Nurebairo (Black)

Nurebairo by kyo no oto

No 0 3 - Kokeiro (moss green)


No 0 3 - Kokeiro (moss green)

I have liked this in from the moment I opened the bottle. I don't think of this colour as moss green, it a bit like an a member of the olive green colour family.

The colour stands out as little different from other greens. I like that, and I must admit I am using it more for personal writing than business purposes. Short amount of text looks good. I found the colour to be a bit overpowering when use for full pages of steady writing.

The ink performs very well. It has a good flow in a variety of pens and nibs. Dry time is reasonable.


No 04 - Yamabukiiro


No 04 - Yamabukiiro (gold-brown)

There is a slight difference between ink No 4 and ink No 3, the golden brown has brown and gold tones. It is a beautiful special purpose ink. Special purpose as I use it for a few works on a card, or a notation that I want to standout in a journal. It is probably a bit on the bright side to be used for business with long pages of writing.

Performance is very good. Flows well with any of the many pens I have loaded the pen with. Okay with all nibs, but I like it in a medium or a 1.1 stub rather than the broader nibs.


















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