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There are options for Lamy ink now.

The traditional roundish bottle, the T51 line, holds 30 ml of ink.

The larger roundish bottle, the T52 line, holds 50 ml of ink and comes with an built-in roll of blotting paper around the base of the bottle. This is very handy!

Now Lamy has issued the T53 line of inks. Theses are their premium inks called the crystal line. The are ten colours: Ruby (red), Rhodonite (pink), Beryl (darker pink tone), Azurite (blue with purple tone), Benitoite (dark grey), Peridot (green), Amazonite (turquoise), Topaz (brown), Obsidian (black) and Agate (light grey).

I tried the Amazonite, and while I liked the colour, the bottles only hold 30 ml, the bottle is too shallow so filling a pen with a large nib works for just the first series of fill. For the price I thought I would do better with another brand.

Bentitoite is a document proof ink.
















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