Colours :Blue, Black, Blue-Black, Turquoise

Lamy InkThe bottle is a plus. Some of the bottles have a small roll of blotter that rolls off the bottom. Nice touch. While I found the blue to be a bit light in tone, the turquoise and black I found to be good inks.

I have used the ink off-and-on over the years.



I find this to be generally weak in colour, although somewhat similar to the Waterman Florida Blue, but a little pale when compared.


Generally viewers have written saying this has a good level of darkness. Slower ink flow than Aurora. Recently I have heard that the ink sometimes dries with a bit of yellow tone to it.


Lamy Ink - Turquoise

The ink has good flow. The colour is a little darker than the Sheaffer or Waterman turquoise tones. Love the bottle.