Colours :Amethyst, Blue Bahama, Cardinal Red, Cobalt Blue, Claret, Cocoa, Empyrean, Forest Green, Gemstone Green, Raven Black, Regal, Shiraz, Skies of Blue, True Teal

Levenger Fountain Pen InkLevenger ink is not readily available in Canada but available through its on-line store. A number of years ago, I was fortunate enough that a reader of this site sent me a few bottles of the Cobalt Blue.

The ink is made in the US for the company. My first response to the ink was favorable. I really liked the deep rich colour. But in using the ink I experienced the issue of smudging that I have seen references about on other pen discussion boards. Its not a case of smudging while it is wet, for some reason if there is any moisture on your fingers, and you pass them across the ink - days later - the ink smudges.

Cartridges are available in the six classic colours: Cobalt Blue, Gemstone Green, Cardinal Red, Amethyst, Cocoa Brown, Raven Black.

  • Cobalt Blue - a nice rich blue colour, good flow. I have been using it in pens with broad nibs and the ink looks and writes very nicely indeed. Thanks Eddy Day for the experience! This colour has made a bit of a name for itself on some of the pen discussion boards. Kind of a love-hate thing. Many like the colour, others note it can take a dozen or so flushing with water to clean then pen. I find that because of the smudging that I don't seem to be filling up as often as I once did with this ink. I find comments commonly being expressed that this ink just never seems to dry!
  • Raven Black - semi-permanent,and recent comments forwarded to me reflects a good ink. Does not smudge, dries quickly, excellent flow and smooth writing. (Thanks B. Andersen)
  • Always Greener - kind of like grass green.
  • Skies of Blue - Like a denim blue.
  • Bahamas Blue - Reported to be a "nice" blue.
  • Fireball - a red with yellow-orange undertones.
  • Pinkly - a hot pink.
  • Smoky - gray ink.
  • Cardinal Red - described by others as "stop sign red" - strong colour.
  • Cocoa - I am told that fans of brown ink say this is the best colour brown since Penman Mocha. The Levenger ink runs a little lighter in colour, but has colour to it.