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Louis Vuitton Ink

I was in Paris in June 2013 and was advised to visit the Louis Vuitton store store celebrating the journey of writing. The store, at 6 Place Saint-Germain des Prés, on the left bank, was a museum/display of writing accessories, papers, pens and ink.

I bought two bottles of ink. A beautiful brown and blue. The ink bottle is a classic square glass bottle. It has the look of crystal, but is glass. 48 x 48 x 61 mm bottles hold 50 ml of ink, so it is what is considerd a standard bottle of ink. The ink at the time was 35 Euros ($47 Canadian) and I remember going back to our hotel room and telling my wife how I could not believe I just paid $50 for a bottle of ink, and was happy to do so. Not only was the ink very good. The presentation of the ink being in a bottle, and then in a box, which slide into an hard cardboard outer sleave. The service topped it off. No it was not with an attitude, but a matter of prsenting me with this wonderful ink, and complimenting me on being the type of person to make such a decision. Good salesmanship for sure. Other stores should take note.

Louis Vuitton Bley Reveur

Louuis Vuitton Boue Reveur



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