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It was in 2010 when Montblanc changed the manufacturer of their ink as well as the design of the bottle. The colours available in the unique designed "shoe" bottle include: Mystery Black, Royal Blue, Midnight Blue, Lavender Purple, Burgundy Red, Oyster Grey, Toffee Brown, Irish Green, Amethyst Purple, Cool Gray Manganesse Orange, Pop Pink, Permanent Black (60ml), Permanent Blue (60ml)

Montblanc also issues special inks in a beautiful square bottle. These special release inks can be expenses raning from $50 to $100 a bottle CDN. The assortment includes: James Purdey & sons Single Malt Scent (50 ml), James Purdey & Sons, Cigar Scent, Brown ($50), Petite Prince and Planet, Burgundy (50ml), Patron of Arts, HOmage to Moctezuma I (50ml), Petrol Blue (50 ml), Great Characters, Walt Disney Yellow (50 ml), Homage to Victor Hugo, red, 50 ml), The Star Waker Blue Planet was very popular and Montblanc indicates this colour is sold out.

They have a perfume selection that comes in a very smartly designed square bottle with a scale cap the size of the bottle. Montblanc lists these as $100 CDN a bottle so I think you may need a special occassion to take this step. Elixir Parfumeur, Marine Scent, Blue (50 ml); Elixir Parfumer Wood & Tobacco scent, Gray (50 ml); Elixir Partfumeur, Vetivewr scent, Green (50 ml); Elixir Calligraphy Yellow Gold (50 ml, $90 CDN a bottle).

That is quite the selectrion. On the Montblanc site you can check to see which boutiques where the ink is available. The few that I click were not available in any boutique, there was the statemenht I could proceed to order the ink on-line viat their Online Store.

In 2010 Montblanc updated the look of what was a classic ink bottle and issued a new, larger (60 ml vs 50 ml) bottle. I must say that I like the look of the bottle, but the not the new cap. The old cap has a real classic feel and look. The new cap has a definite plastic feel.

Montegrappa indicates the bottles hold 50 ml of ink and is available in seven colours: Black, Blue, Turquoise, Bordeaux, Red, Dark Grey and Dark Green.



Montblanc Elixir Parfumeur Collection

Montblanc Elixir Parfumeur collection


This is a very good basic blue ink. I find the ini has just enough of an interesting look that it does not look wash-out as some middle blues do. I find that both business and personal writing looks good with this ink.

Flow is good, the ink dries to nice flat finish. That is, there is no stickiness or glossy finish to the ink. I find those two characteristics only lead to problems. As I indicated in the introduction to the ink line, the ink comes in a well designed, attractive ink bottle. So there is a fair amount of good things going for this ink.

Corn Poppy Red

Montblanc Corn Poppy Red


Everytime I use this bright cheerful red I end up asking myself why I keep buying other red inks! This is a beautiful, bright, bold red. It looks impressive on the paper. True red. No orange or pink tones.

The ink has good flow, and works so well in every pen that I have tried. Dry time is reasonable. The ink dries to a good non-glossy finish. There is no sticky feel to the ink after it dries.


Petite Prince Sand of the Desert

Petite Prince Sand of the Desert


I picked up this ink when I was in Paris whioe visiting Plume et Bille, one of my must see stores when I am in Paris. I like the solid look of the brown. The ink looks great in both business and pesonal corerespondence.

The ink comes in a smartly designed square glass bottle. This is one of the larger bottles that holds a full 50 ml of ink. Looks great on the desk and I can through it in my briefcase to carry with me.

Montblanc Lucky Orange

Montblanc Lucky Orange


This weas a special edition ink issued in 2017. I like the bold bright colour. It is an orange that sits very well on the paper. As long as you can take the bold colour, you would enjoy this ink.

The ink comes in ome of the smart square glass bottles. Unfortunately, despite the price, the bottle is one of the small ones holding 40 ml of ink.

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