Montegrappa InkColours :Black, Blue, Turquoise, Green

Montegrappa Fountain Pen InkMontegrappa ink comes in an elegant looking bottle that is described as being just about as good as an ink well. Both the bottle and the cap have a high quality look. The thick glass bottom gives the overall bottle the look of high quality glass. This is one of the bottles that looks very good sitting on a desk.

I must say that I enjoy using the bottle as it has a vertical versus horizontal design, and this makes filling a pen with a large nib a bit easier. The eight-sided bottle does help when tipping it to get ink when the level of ink goes down.

Because of its size, it nicely fits into my briefcase. If I have a regret, it is the quantity of ink is slightly less than the standard 50 ml bottle typical of the Waterman line. The Montegrappa bottle holds less at 42 ml.

Prices are something that seem to keep going up, but in 2012 it goes for around $20 a bottle.


Montegrappa Blue

I like this ink. The blue has good colour and flow. Some report the colour is closer to a blue-black as opposed to the blues that tend to lean to a blue-purple. (thanks - M. Soards). I have been using this ink for the past couple of years. Of the bottles I have used, I do not see a blue-black tone to the ink. I rank the ink as very good. It is one of my Inks of Note.

In terms of performance, I use the Montegrappa Blue in a variety of pens, no issues to report. I would rate this ink as a drier flowing ink. Good dry times on paper, in under 5 seconds the ink is dry and no smearing. No stickiness to worry about.


Mongegrappa Black

I also like the black that Montegrappa produced. It is one of my Inks of Note. Flows well in many pens.


Montegrappa Turquoise

I finally had the opportunity to get a bottle of the Turquoise. From looking at the ink in the bottle I was expecting a darker tone. The ink is very light in colour. The tone of the ink changed significantly depending on the nib I was using and the flow of ink from a particular pen. Interesting enough, it was the lightest of all when writing with one of my Montegrappa's. Too light in colour for me.

That leaves just the Bordeaux in terms of colours that I have not had the change to try.