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Montegrappa ink comes in an elegant looking bottle, that is well designed for filling pens. Well designed as it is taller than it is wide and gives better access to have a broad nib submerged in the ink. The thick glass bottom gives the overall bottle the look of high quality glass. This is one of the bottles that looks very good sitting on a desk. I must say that I enjoy using the bottle as it has a vertical versus horizontal design, and this makes filling a pen with a large nib a bit easier. The eight-sided bottle does help when tipping it to get ink when the level of ink goes down. Because of its size, it nicely fits into my briefcase.

Montegrappa indicates the bottles hold 50 ml of ink and is available in seven colours: Black, Blue, Turquoise, Bordeaux, Red, Dark Grey and Dark Green.

Montegrappa Ink


Montegrappa Blue

Mongegrappa Blue


This is a very good basic blue ink. I find the ini has just enough of an interesting look that it does not look wash-out as some middle blues do. I find that both business and personal writing looks good with this ink.

Flow is good, the ink dries to nice flat finish. That is, there is no stickiness or glossy finish to the ink. I find those two characteristics only lead to problems. As I indicated in the introduction to the ink line, the ink comes in a well designed, attractive ink bottle. So there is a fair amount of good things going for this ink.

Montegrappa Black

Monegrappa Black


The black ink in the Montegrappa line is a good quality, dark black ink. It would be a good addition to your collection of inks. I found the ink to have a good dark colour. Its writing performance is good. Flow and dry time are just as good as most lines of ink.

The ink performs well, and comes in a smartly designed bottle that looks good and is very functional (narrow-tall bottle.

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