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With OMAS out of business, of course the OMAS line of ink is no longer in production and bottles are difficult to find.

They created an interesting line of inks. The colours have moderate intensity of colour. Over the past twenty or so years of my collecting, the colours have included: Royal Blue. Blue-black. Gray, Green, Violet, Amerigo Vespucci Red, Permanent Black, Saffron Yellow, Sepia, Roma 2000 Blue (1999/2000)*, Hong Kong Red (1997)*, Triratna Saffron (1998)*, Green Italia 90* * Limited Time Span Production.

I really liked the large octagon-shaped bottle. It had been in use since it was first introduced in the 1930s. It looks great on a desk, however, it is a pain to get into a briefcase!

While I personally think that the violet, gray and green are too light in colour when compared to some other brands, I am always reminded that there are a range of tastes! Others have written to note the colours provide good shading... especially the gray.













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