Exceptionally Blue, Exceptionally Red

I am not sure if this ink is around any longer. Panache ink, made by Hunt, have rich colour tone. I have found that the inks don't do well with broad nib pens. They tend to dry quickly. Some comments received that this line of inks, despite being labeled as fountain pen ink, is not recommended for fountain pens.

  • Red - The Red is one of the richest I have found, and does not have that orange colour found in many other reds.

  • Blue - a fine rich colour, a couple of tones lighter than the old Parker Penman Series. Dries quickly so does not work that well in large broad nibs.

On this brand, based on my experience with the ink, I go along with some of the comments received ... this is not an ink recommend for fountain pens. Check out the Herbin colours as you can get the same red there in a good flowing ink.