Pelikan Ink

Brilliant Black, Blue, Violet, Brilliant Brown


Peilikan fountain pen inkPelikan makes a great ink and this is one brand that is worth a try in your sampling of inks. I find that the bottles nicely fit in a briefcase so I have no problem porting them around.

The ink works fine in all my pens.

In addition the regular ink bottle, the company has an 1897 Line which is a squarish bottle with a pen holder surface.

Note, the Blue Black in the 4001 line has been discontinued.

Edelstein Line

Edelstein InkIn 2010 Pelikan issued a new line of ink, Edelstein Ink. Edelstein means gemstone, and that is the marketing theme for this new line of inks. For Pelikan is creates a new line with a price point - about $20 US - that is comparable to other high-end inks.

The ink comes in what appears to be a very stylish bottle that holds 50 ml.


Edelstein Ink


Edelstein Ink


Edelstein Ink


Edelstein Ink - AventurineSo I was forunate enough to have receive a bottle of Aventurine Green as a gift. Nice event.

The ink has a different tone than that of the colour represented in the web site shots of the bottle.

I would describe the colour as a softer green, easier on the eye. That is a good thing, as I use green inks quite a bit, and some of them look very harsh, especially with a full page of writing.

The performance of the ink is good, it has a reasonable dry time, in that the ink is dry with no smearing easily within a five second time frame. That ranks the ink as quite comparable to others.

pelikangreen-02x350It is not a "wet" ink, so if you use a broad nib pen, you will not be presented with uncontrolable amounts of ink on the page.


Edelstein Ink Topaz


Edelstein Ink SapphireThis is the new line of inks by Pelikan eestablished at a different price point. The bottles are retailing for $25 CDN.

The ink came out near the end of summer 2010 and I was fortunate that my local pen store, Vancouver Pen, now stocks the line of ink.




Edelstein Sapphire

First of all the bottle is stunning. Looks great on the desk, as long as you turn it around the not-so-attractive font they used for Edelstein does not show. Really, a more classic font would go better with the classy appearance of the bottle.

Edelstein SapphireThe ink seems to work very well in a variety of pens that I used (Delta 360 Medium, Delta 360 Broad, Mongtegrappa Espressione Broad and Pelikan M800 Broad).

The tone of the ink is very much what I expected. Performance in the various pens was okay, although, I found this ink to be a slower flowing ink.


Edelstein Ink



pelikanblack-3x350Brilliant Black - a rich black and a close second to Aurora or Private Reserver Velvet Black.

The black has more saturated colour than say Waterman Black. Good flow, although a little slower than the Waterman black.



In terms of the regular line of inks:

  • Violet is one of my main-stay inks when I want to use a purple ink. Rich tone, sometimes appears to be a bit edgy. It is rich enough to work well with a broad or stub nib. Good flow. We often hear of "staining" and I know my plastic converters have a stain with prolonged use of the violet ink. So I don't use this ink in any of my piston pens.

  • Brilliant Brown has a chestnut brown look. Some users like the highlights are created with this colour. I have found that the ink is fine for limited work but a whole page of meeting notes in this colour doesn't sit well with me! But that is just one opinion. "The colour is, indeed, "brilliant" so that it reminded me more of a golden brown, rather than chestnut. Mayan Gold might be a good description. In fact, it was so gold that I've been mixing it with just a little black (happens to be Parker's) for more contrast." Thanks Mark.

  • Blue - not one of the blues that will stand out and say something and I have found that I rarely use the Pelikan blue!

  • Orange - I have been told about this ink, although I have never seen in sold in any stores, it is a dark orange that has some hints of red and brown in the colour.