Mix-Free Ink Collection

From time to time I try our a "wild" colour of ink, sometimes asking the question, who would us that colour? Well, obviously people do. Platinum has issued a Mix Free Fountain Pen Ink Mixing Kit, with a wide range of colours that result from the basic nine colours.

Platinum Ink to Mix

The Mix Free Inks sell for around $20 US and the basic colours are: Aqua Blue, Aurora Blue, Cyclamen Pink, Earth Brown, Flame Red, Leaf Green, Silky Purple, Smoke Black, and Sunny Yellow. The kit comes with mixing bottles, dilution liquid and syringes. With that you are off to create a unique colour for you.

For those who mix any type of ink, the Platinum kit recommends that you use the ink cleaning set to clean your pen before using other inks in the pen.

Platinum Pigment Ink

Platinum does produce some colours of inks that have pigments, rather than dyes, as part of the colour formulation. Use of these inks requires regular flushing of your pen.