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Check the Private Reserve website for the latest list of available colours.

There are positive and negative comments expressed about Private Reserve ink. When the line of inks was first introduced, I like many, were very impressed with the range of colours. Now this is what writing with a fountain pen is all about!

Over the years, however, there have been numerous colours that I put on my watch-out list because of the composition of the ink.

In 2007 Private Reserve came out with three inks in a "fast dry" version. See my comments below.

I have noticed a change in the ink over the years. Some of the colours I had previously used I now find unacceptable. Within a few strokes of use I can see if the ink dries on the paper with a shine. That shine is a stickiness. The ink takes a very long time to dry and is subject to smearing.

Because most of the inks that I have purchased in the past year of so (2012, 2013) have not performed that well, it is one of those brands that I am moving away from using. There are other brands and colours that I feel more secure buying. At the price of ink, I don't need to bring another bottle home to find that it is not performing to what I require.

Now, in 2017 I have moved away from this ink, I still use it from time to time, but I found better performing, and more consistency is colour, with other brands.















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