Sailor Ink BottleIn 2010 Sailor updated their line of ink. I must admit, I did not appreciate all aspects of the new bottle until 2014 when I purchased some Epinard Green (see review below). But that being said, the bottle is too shallow in depth for to easily fill a large pen/nib.

Sadly, now I read that Sailor is discontinuing many of the current colours. They may be replaced with other colours, or they may be focusing on only blue and black. A fair amount of conflict information out there. If any of the current colours are in your favourite colour list, stock up now.

The colours noted to be discontinued include: Apricot, Black, Blue, Blue Black, Epinard Green, Grenade Red, Peach Pink, Sky Blue, Ultramarine Purple. In the Nano line, they make Blue Black and Ultra Black. The latter are twice the price.


Sailor Blue

On my 2011 trip to Paris I bought a bottle of Sailor Blue.. At the time it was very difficult to find in Canada. I was hoping for a rich, saturated, stunning blue. Not so. The colour tone was mid-of-the-road. The depth of colour was too light. Ink flow was good, although it leaned to be a "dry" ink. The bottle of ink never made it back to Canada.

Now I look back at notes in my travel journal where I used Sailor Blue and I am rethinking the colour! I have seen some samples of the blue that other writers have shown and it looked very much darker. Also some people have reported flow problems in particular pens. Not having the ink anymore, I can speak to its use in a variety of pens. I was using a Stipula pen for the couple of days that I used the ink.


Epinard Green

Sailor Epinard Grreen

Okay, I have returned to Sailor. I picked up a bottle of Epinard Green at Vancouver Pen and I must say I like the leaning towards advacado green. It is a little more soft than say the harsher Montblanc Irish Green and I found a full page of writing was easier to take.

Sailor Epinard Green InkThe performance of the ink is good. The sample above is written with the Kaweco DIA, also available at Vancouver Pen. The ink writes a bit on the dry side, so even with a double broad nib, the ink is not flowing in a uncontrolled manner.

Take care when picking up a bottle as unfortunately all the boxes have a blue label. There is a small circle that shows the actual colour of ink that will be inside.

The ink bottle is very attractive and has a very smooth and elegant feel to the hand. Even the cap is designed top-notch. It is the smooth black pastic you will feel in your hand. Here is a case of: Hey Glenn, read the instructions. I only realized with this bottle that there is a plastic internal resevoir insert. Close tightly, tip over the bottle and ink fills the resevoir. For some pens this is great. But for a larger pen, for example by Delta Dolcevita with a #6 nib, , I can hear the air being sucked up, the resevoir is simply not deep enough.

Colours of Four Seasons

Sailor InkThe Colours of Four Seasons is referred to as the special colour line. I list the item number as there are no colour names on the box.

  • Oku-Yama (13-1005-208) - this is a magenta colour.
  • Tokina-Matsu (13-1005-202) this is a musk green, and do enjoy this colour.
  • Shigure (13-1005-201) a purple blue tone.
  • Minuai (13-1005-204) a very dark green, sealled Seaside Pine Blue.
  • Nioi-Sumire (13-1005-203) a kind of french blue
  • Souten (13-1005-205) a turquoise blue, a bit more blue than Yama-Dori.
  • Doyou (13-1005-206) a grey-green
  • Yama-Dori (13-1005-207) another turquoise blue, a bit of blue suede look.

Tokina-Matsu by Sailor


I am really liking this green, it has a dark saturated colour, but a lightness in tone so a whole page of writing is easy on the eye, but has strength. Flow is excellent. So far I have used it in a Kaweko, Delta and Visconti pen and the performance is good. Hope this is not one of the colours that is discontinued.