Stipula Ink
The ink comes in a 2.4 ounce bottle that is tall so that helps with filling larger-nib pens. Stipula says that the glass used for the ink bottle is treated to protect the ink from deterioration caused by light.

  • Deep Blue (Blu della Robbia) - A slate blue with gray in the colour tone.
  • Florentine Red (Rosso Florentino) - red, bright in tone and you will see pink.
  • Moss Green (Verde Muschiato) - green with some brown tones. (2014 - a bottle is on its way).
  • Sepia (Terra di Siena) -a dark toned brown.
  • Zafferano - this is a golden yellow with strong tones.

Stipula Calamo Ink


Verde Muschiato

Calamo Verde Muschiato

What a nice gift, a bottle of Stipula's Calamo Verede Muschiato ink. It is the green brown variation that I really like in a green. Easy on the eye and not as hard as some of the brighter more brillian greens. The bottle is attractive and the tall shape makes filling a pen with a large nib a pleasure.

Ink flow is good, dry time reasonable, right about five (5) seconds.