Visconti Ink

Blue, Black, Sepia, Burgundy, Turquoise

Visconti InkVisconti ink comes in a unique shaped bottle, one that narrows at the bottom so that it facilitates the filling of a fountain pen. Good for them! How many ink bottles prevent the user from getting the majority of ink from the bottle, to the pen!

In fact, when I visited with Visconti, good design is a main focus of the company. See my "Conversation with Visconti".

Visconti InkVisconti ink is hard to find in Canada, although it is available on a number of the larger on-line pen companies. Jim at Simply the Best in Victoria stocks the ink. Otherwise, it is just a matter of placing an order and having it shipped to you.

When I was in Italy I picked up a few bottles of the ink so that I could give it a try.

Visconti Blue

Blue - I am really liking this ink. As soon as I tried the ink in the store I knew this would be a colour for me. It is one of my Inks of Choice. Good tone with enough saturated colour.

Visconti Black

Visconti BlackBlack - a medium tone black. Good bottle design in that it narrows at the bottom which helps to get the nib well down into the ink.

I like this ink, it has good flow and works very well in a variety of pens I have used.