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Waterman Inks

In 2012 Waterman updated it packaging and names of their inks. There were some, including me for a while, that thought the inks were different colours. But the company through sales representatives towed the line: the inks are the same, just different names and packaging.

2012 Ink Line: Intense Black, Mysterious Blue, Serenity Blue, Harmonious Green, Absolute Brown, Tender Purple, Audacious Red, Inspired Blue.

Previously: Black, Blue-Black, Florida Blue, Green, Havana Grown, Purple, Red, South Seas Blue

Mysterious Blue

Mysterious Blue

Mysterious Blue is the former Blue/Black. Probably of all the colours in the Waterman line, this is the colour that I have used the most. It is a dark blue, good tone, with the traditional Waterman writing properties.

Good flow, reasonable dry time, works well in just about any pen. Of course the classic 50 ml Waterman ink bottle is a plus, as the bottle will sit on its side and this makes filling pens easier.

I must admit, over the many years I have used this ink there were some runs of the ink with weird colour tones. But, since 2012 when the line was re-issued under a new name, I have not had that problem.

Given the price point of this ink, it should be an ink of choice.


Waterman Havana Brown

Havana Brown

Here is a long time favorite. I have always liked using brown tones inks to write notes on a card, but I have used this colour extensively for business writing also.

The ink has good writing characteristics. It is a relatively good flowing ink, seems to write just ever so slightly slower than say Mysterious Blue, but I would not place this in the category of "dry writing" inks. Dry time is reasonable.

The ink, of course comes in the great Waterman bottle that tips on the side you will have no problem getting most of the ink out of the bottle and through a nib of even the larger pens.

I have also liked the Graff Faber-Castel Chestnut Brown, the colours are very similar. The Waterman Havana Brown sells for way less and as I have looked a my writing with the two brands, not enough of a difference to me.

Enjoy this ink.

Waterman Black

Intense Black

Although I have numerous bottles of this ink, I am a fan of black ink, but I must admit, this is one of the my most least used colours in the Waterman line. I find the ink is not black enough for me.

The ink as it flows onto the paper is a nice rich black. As the ink dries, it lightens to what I call a black with grey tones.

It is still a ink that I take on trips to write with, but not my top choice in blacks.

The ink that I always feel defines a true black is Aurora Black.


Serenity Blue


Serenity Blue

This is the renamed Florida Blue, that again, is a renaming of the ink rather than a new formula or colour.

Sometimes I have asked myself why I have spent so much on so many different brands of ink, all in the search of the perfect blue! This is the most basic blue there is, and overall, one that I can use an enjoy.

I must admit that over the years I find the ink a little flat in the interest department, and prefer some of the darker tones of the blues.

This ink is known for its performance. One of those ink that will work in just about any pen you fill.

For those who want a blue, is the basic ink to have. I like a bit more tone so I lean more to the Mysterious Blue (Blue-Black) in the Waterman line, or numerous other blues available in other lines. Graph Faber-Castle Cobalt Blue is one that I use on a regular basis.