Blue, Blue Black, Jet Black, Sepia, Claret, Turquoise

Yard-O-Led InksOn a recent trip to my local pen store, Vancouver Pen, I had the opportunity to pick up a couple of bottles of Yard-O-Led writing ink. From what I understand, Yard-O-Led inks are made by other suppliers, with Diamine Ink of in England currently producing the line.

Given the price of the small Yard-O-Led bottles, when compared to that of Diamine, quantity and price is one of the things to consider. My first reaction when I saw the 28.4 ml ( 1 ounce bottles) was that the bottle was simply too small. Well at least it is a narrow bottle so that for the first dozen fills you will have the nib in the ink.

At $9.00 CDN for a one ounce bottle of ink, the price is steep and using it with large pens is not a good match in design and function.

Blue -

Yard-O-Led BlueWell the title of the ink says it. This is what I call a true blue as there are no purple or other undertones to the colour.

The blue has a flat tone, as the scans show. I found the ink flow was good and it dried in a reasonable time - same characteristics as the Diamine blue ink. In terms of colour, the current Blue is similar to the Royal Blue of the Diamine line.

Yard-O-Led Blue

Evidently, the previous blue was more like the Diamine Tropical Blue.






Sepia by Yard-O-LedThis ink was a bit of a surprise. I could tell from the colour of ink in the bottle that there was a gold tone to the colour. When I wrote with the ink there was a fair amount of variance. All too much variance in colour for me.

The ink may be great for a few words on a card, it will certainly look distinctive. However, when I wrote a page of text with the ink I found it difficult to read.