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Avignon, France

Stylo Plume

45, rue Joseph Vernet
84000 Avignon

Stylo Plume Avignon

On my 2011 visit to Avignon I had the opportunity to drop by Stylo Plume, one of the pen stores in Avignon.

The store carries Montblanc, OMAS, Faber Castell and other brands with the fountain pens in display cases in the back section of the store. Along one of the walls is a good selection of journals, agendas and notebooks. At the time I visited the store there was a limited selection of ink.

If you are in Avignon while visiting Provence, here is a good store that may be on your route.


Lyon, France

Lyon Stylo
26 Victor Hugo
Lyon, France

Lyon is a city not to be missed. On our recent visit the the city we found the old quarter is very charming. The cathedrals are impressive. The shopping area very nice with a number of pen stores. Be mindful that on Monday mornings a number of stores will be closed. Lyon Stylo has an excellent selection of pens. Although English is limited, the owner is very helpful. [R.E. Morgan]

Rennes France


5 rue Chateaurenault
3500 Rennes; Tel:, Fax:


I found this pen store on a walk into the old city centre of Rennes, Autograph has a fine selection of pens that includes Waterman, Parker, Lamy, Sheaffer, Omas, Cross as well as other lines commonly found in Europe. The store also sells a good selection of pen cases, men's wallets and purses that accompany the European pen lines. Staff, while only speaking French, you are in France, are very helpful. The store does does not shut down from the afternoon period, so what better place do you have to spend the 12 to 2:00 time slot?

Toulouse, France

Toulouse Stylos;

26, rue d'Alsace-Lorraine

If has been many years since I have been here, but as I remember this store, if you get the chance, Toulouse is a wonderful city to visit, not only for the sites and atmosphere, but also for this pen store. What a store.

There are counters and counters of pens. The staff go out of their way to help you. The nice thing about a good pen is that you use it for years, and the memories of why and when you bought it remain forever.

I bought my Waterman Mans 100 fountain pen here in Toulouse for my 40th birthday. At the time I was having a hard time considering whether to get the pen with a broad or medium nib. The staff here were very friendly and offered that I could try the pen out for a few days and exchange it if the nib is not right. Now this is my kind of pen store. I don't think my wife wanted us traveling back to the store for fear of what else I may buy so I made my decision and we moved on. Friendly staff, enough English spoken to make it an easy and pleasant experience for all. They will also offer to help you with VAT De-Tax forms with no hesitation.


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