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Athens, Greece

Evangelidis Pen Shop
3 Kollokotroni & 7 Voulis
Athens, Greece 10562
Tel: +301-322-9071
Fax: +301-324-5841

Thanks Stavros Kavouras for the update on the relocation of this great pen store in Greece. As when you visit Athens, this is a must on your list of things to see. Located in downtown Athens, close to the Greek Parliament buildings. The store is wal to wall pen displays. On the right hand side, the wall is dedicated to limited edition pens. They have a great collection in stock.

Mr. Evangelidis, the owner, is very literate about pens and he speaks several languages. He has a fantastic pen collection himselve. You will find him to be a kind person who enjoyes telling stories behind each and every one of his pens. He also sells some vintage pens. When in Athens, make sure you drop by.

6 Tsakalof
Kolonaki, Athens, Greece
Tel: +301-3643500

125 Karaiskou St
(near Athens)
Tel: +301-4225536

These stores are not only good pen stores to visist, but, as with many stores in Europe, they also sell fine cigars, leather goods, jewerly and gifts. The selection of fountain pens, however, is solid and they will be found with reasonable prices. In addition to the normal lines, the stores carries a small selection of Limited Edition pens. Worth a stop. (Thanks: S. Kavouras)



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