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La Stilografica Milano

Corso Buenos Aires, 53

A leading pen store in Milan!

On our most recent visit to Milan (September 2019) we made sure to visit La Stilografica. This is a long established pen store in Milan, located on Corso Buenos Aires, 53. It is easy to get to the store as it is located on Metro Line 1. From the apartment we rented in the historic center. We just jumped on the Metro (Line 1), and got off three stops later at Lima. The store is located about a block and a half up the street the street.

It is a big store and when you enter you see floor and wall show cases that are filled with pens. The selection of pens in all price ranges is impressive. It would be hard to have a pen in mind, and not be able to find it here.

I first met Cristian Tamma, one of the sons of the owners, and he showed me the various lines of pens available.

He also showed a new section of the store that has just been opened, a second room that has a very large impressive selection of fountain pen ink and writing paper. For an ink addict like myself, I must admit it was over powering to see the shelves of ink from floor to ceiling. The selection of inks they had was second to none. The writing paper stocked was were many the note pads and books from Clairefontaine and Rhodia - good quality papers.

After looking at the various lines of pens I am pretty sure that they will have a pen that will meet any price point and in a variety of nib widths.

I also met Ivan, the other son, as well as the owners, Tiziana and Antonia Tamma. This is a family business. You can certainly feel the pride of the family in how they talk about their business and their customers.

It was about 30 some years ago that Tiziana made to decision to leave her job and become an entrepreneur. She moved into the retail stationery stationery business. Over the years the family came together to run the pen store on Corso Buenos Aires.

They have a broad base of customers that includes both young and more seasoned pen users. Their location is convenient for tourists as well as the regulars of Milan that frequent the store. Whether it be a regular production pen or a limited edition, it seems that just about any pen I could think of to see, they had it. You'll will spend some time in this store for sure.

The store is open Monday to Saturday. On Mondays, like many stores in Milan, the the store opens in the afternoon at 2:30 pm. On the other days they open at 9:00 am. The store closes at 7:15.

They also have a very thorough website.

Going to Milan, don't miss this store.


La Stilografica Milano

La Stilografica Milano

Antonio and Tiziana Tamma


Corso Magenta, 25
Milano, Italy
Tel: 02 86452444


I have visited Milan a few times, less than other cities in Italy, and I think that has been a shame. In 2019 we spent the better part of the week in Milan and I certainly enjoyed the city and I think appreciate it on a different level.

One of the pen stores is E.E. Ercolessi. A historic store, the family-run store has been operating since 1921. The company is run by the family. The company was started by Edgardo Ercolessi, the E.E. in the name of the company (E.E. Ercolessi) is for his wife, Elvira. The first store opened back around 1921 by Edgardo Ercolessi and his wife Elvira. When I visited the store the first time I was in Milan it was located on Corso Vittorio Emanuele, 24. The store on Corso Vittorio Emanuele was closed and they have located to their new location at Corso Magenta, 25. The store is not that far from the old location, on the morning of our visit in 2019 we talked from the Duomo to the store. It was about a 20 minute walk as we were going slow. It is on the way if you were to walk to the Castello Sforzesco, which we went to after visiting the store.

Between the wars, Ercolessi also manufactured their own pens.

I remember by second visit to the store in June 2000. The scene in the store would make many North American pen stores shudder with envy. After viewing an extensive display of pens in the front window, I entered the store. There were customers standing 3 and 4 deep along the counters that run on three sides of the store. The staff of 5 or 6 were busy going at full speed. Behind the counters are larger wood cabinets that hold an extensive stock of pens. Its best to pick up one of the store's catalogue to help you unless you have very good Italian. The staff brought pens for the customers to view either in large presentation boxes from the cabinets, or via the stock elevator that brings pens up from the basement. On that visit I remember that I tried the Aurora Primavera in green and sea blue but found the pens a bit light for my hand. Also, the store only had the pens in medium and fine, and I need at least a broad nib.

In 2019 we stayed in Milan for a longer time and we went to the Corso Magenta store. The store holds an extensive collection of pens of both current and collectible pens. I met with Rosa who was very helpful in providing information on the store as well as the various lines of pens they carry. The selection of pens and inks is very solid. Any pen shopper should be able to find a pen they are looking for.

Like many stores in Milan, the store is closed Monday mornings, it opens at 3 in the afternoon and closes at 7 pm. Tuesday to Saturday the store is open from 10 to 2 pm and then from 3 to 7 pm. Yes you are in Italy, you have to work around the mid afternoon closing times!



Casa Della Stilografica

Via Cavour, 43;
Firenze, Italy


E E Ercolessi - Milan

Well no need to mention the need to visit Florence. Despite how tired my feet are, I have always found the energy to visit this store. The shop has been in existence, at the same location, for some 54 years. IT has become a meeting point for all the pen collectors of Florence. It has been run by the Sacchetti family for three generations. Great collectible and antique pens, but pricey by US standards. (Thanks: Giovanni Abrate). Oct 2004 - Marco of Casa Della Stilografica writes to note their new web site: When I was there I had a good visit, however, I have heard that some found the store rather uninterested in you as a customer, especially if you did not speak Italian. Too bad.

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