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La Stilo Tecnica

29, Via Giosuè Carducci
Trieste, Italy
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La Stilo TecnicaThanks to J. Kraft and M. Stanina for writing me to visit this store.

In September 2009 on a trip from Italy to Croatia I had the opportunity to visit the city of Trieste and La Stilo Tecnica pen store.

I had arrived in the downtown area just after 12:30 so I was worried the store would be closed. Like many Italian cities, you have to place your shopping as from about 12:30 on many of the stores close until later in the afternoon.

The stores was closed but luckily Giuliano Lotta spotted me taking a photograph of his store and he can back and opened the store.

The store has a good selection of pens and leather accessories We talked for a couple of hours. Giuliano is very knowledgeable about pen and the pen business. There was hardly a topic we did not discuss!

The store (as shown to the left) is located on via Carducci, one of the main shopping streets in Trieste. A well established business, his father started the store in 1950. At one time Giuliano had in the store a collection of vintage pens, but now he only carried new pens. He carried the major lines and if you don't see it in the window on in one of the cases, just ask. There are always more pens to come out!

We discussed how the various lines of pen sell in Italy as I was interested to know if there were significant differences from North America. Giuliano (picture, left) told me that Parker maintains a recognition in Trieste, partly as a result of the military influence for the previous years.

I was also on a mission that day, to purchase a pen for as a gift for a friend. That, it seems according to Giuliano (photo to the right) is one of the top ranking reasons for pen sales in Italy. People enjoy selecting and giving a pen as gift. In the end I selected a Delta Via Vento Ball point pen in black and silver.

Giuliano was very helpful in the selection spending the time to show me all the options I had within my budget. He even gift wrapped the purchase. Much appreciated!

The map below gives an idea of where via Carducci is in relation to the downtown core.







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