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Travel Journal

We enjoy sharing our travel experience via our Travel Journal. No matter where we travel, we are drawn to cloisters. So much we have condensed photographs and information on a dedicated site: Travels to Cloisters Site.

We have been traveling frequently to Italy and France. To help organize our content, we provide information for each country by its regions.. Please see: my travels in italy and my travels in France for information on each country. A few years ago France updated and change some of its regions so bear with us as we update the various areas.

Travel and photography go together. Travels inpsire photography, which is found on Glenn's photography sites: my main site, Photography by Marcus. and also by travel photography site My Travelling Lens. From My Travelling Lens there are also links to Glenn's various social media pages.

Trips of Note

Each year we summarize the planning and highlights of our travels on a Trip of Note page. The most recent Trips of Note are summarized in the left-hand text band and available through the top menu.

Spring 2023
Paris and South of France

Spring 2023 Paris and South of France

Our fall trip includes time in Paris and the South of France

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Fall 2023
Lazio, Umbria, Pulia, Compania and Rome


We are returning to Monopoli, in Apulia.

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2022 Spring Travels

Paris Place de la Concorde

Planning is underway, at the point, we are like many others, just waiting to have COVID related travel requirements updated. But we know it will involve some time in Paris.

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2022 Fall Travels


We are on for travelling in Italy's beautiful Lazio Region as well as Compania, with time on the Amalfi Coast booked. Details pending travel requirements being defined.

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Great Places to Stay

As avid travellers, we share information great places to stay with a focus on France and Italy is provided on our Great Places to Stay site. For the past years we have rented apartments more than staying in hotels. We include information out our accomodations and restaurants on Great Places to Stay.

Karen and I hope you enjoy visiting our travel sites.