Picardie (Now Hautes de France)

With access to the English Channel between Nord Pas-de Calais and Haute Normandie, the Pichardie Regeion borders those Regions as well as the Ille de France and the Champagne-Ardenne Regions. It has the following administrative departmetns: 60 Oise (capital city of Beauvais); 80 Somme (capital city of Amiens) and 2 Aisne (capital city of Laon).

Located less than an hour from Calais on the English Channel side, or just about 15 minutes from Paris Charles de Gaulle airport when you are leaving Paris, and voilia, you are in historic Picardie. This is one of those Regions that you will most likely pass through. We have only driven through this Region. So it is on our list of places to explore.

It was on one of our very first trip to France that we travelled a bit in the Picardie Region. Many travellers will pass through this Region, landing in Calais and then travelling on to Paris.



Hotel de Ville CalaisOn our first trip to this region we travelled from London by train, caught a ferry and arrived in France in the town of Calais.Unlike many who would have arrived, caught a train and left, we stayed the night in Calais.

Much of the town has been rebuit., The 12th Century watchtower remains as well as the church of Notre-Dame was parts date back to the 13th Century. The Hotel de Ville is impressive.

Worst of planning this visit is that it was a Sunday when we arrived, and that is why we had to stay the evening as the specific car arrangements we had meant we would pick up the car on Monday morning.

But Sunday in Calais is rather limiting. It was pretty still. The only traffic in the city that we remembered was that going to and from the ferry terminal. This is all before the new tunnel, it was to be opened but was delayed.

Our fond memory of Calais. Well we had a great crepe dinner. The food was excellent. When we returned I realized I had lost the address of the restaurant.

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