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Paris... one of our second homes

St Martin Canal
Les Deux Plateaux
Les Invalides
Cafe Nemours



We look forward to our return to Paris. We will be staying in "our" apartment located off rue Montorgueil, which we think is one of the top areas to stay when in Paris. Not a tourist street, it is lined with cafes, bakeries, even a hardware store. Great street life here.

Rue Montorgueil

The Rue Montorgueil neighborhood is a small section of the Châtelet-Les Halles district, located at the city center. North of Rue Montorgueil is the area known as the Grands Boulevards; directly south is the Saint-Eustache Cathedral and Les Halles. It is considered one of Pari's permanent market streets, offering a wide rangs of fresh high-quality foods.

Le Tour Jean-Sans-Peur - This year I am going to try to go insides Paris' only fortified tower and climb the spiral staircase. The tower dates from the early 15th century. It is at 20 Rue Etienne Marce. Admission: 5 Euros.

La Maison Stohrer - Although we do cook meals in our apartment, the last few trips seem to have more visists to La Maison Stohrer, one of the oldest and most prestigious of Paris' pastry shops. Posters featuring the house's world-class pastries, including the original "Baba Rum", can be bought all over the world. It has great good to go also.

Market Streets

Since we are living on one, we will probobly visit others that include:

Rue Mouffetard

Last year we did visit rue Mouffetard, on the left bank, which is one of the oldes streets in Paris, and also a designated permanent market street. Got a great scarf there so there is definitely more than just food. Most of the specialty shops are clustered on Rue Mouffetard and the Square Saint-Médard. Reviewers note the northern end near La Place Contrescarpe has unfortunately been populated with mediocre restaurants and cafes with inflated prices, the traditional open-air market here is still a pleasure to wander.

Rue des Martyrs

We will try to get up to Rue des Martyrs, which is south of Montmartre as this is said to be one of the most coveted market streets in the city. Metro Notre- Dame de Lorette.

Rue Cler

We have been here on previous visits, and Rue Cler is one of the largest of the permanent outdoor street markets. The Metro Ecole Militaire is the route to get there, near the Invalides.



Places to Walk

Palais-Royal - The Palais-Royal is one of the best places to walk in Paris. I like to stroll past the windows at Didier Ludot, lécher les vitrines at Stella McCartney, get a coffee at Café Kitsuné and sit and read in the garden.

Aux Folies - the classic bar-cafe Aux Folies, and plenty of afternoons, too — the terrace is always heaving with people. Right around the corner is the graffiti-covered Rue Denoyez: the place with the most street art in the city, a gallery unto itself.

Bar de l’Entracte - on the Rue de Montpensier, a really old cafe with actors from the nearby Théâtre du Palais-Royal.

Val-de-Grâce - A stroll past the Val-de-Grâce hospital and church in the Fifth Arrondissement. Great illuminated dome gold against the blue sky.

Pont La Fayette - This bridge across the train tracks leads to the Gare de l’Est. There are layers of concrete and iron, and the colors of the railings and cross braces. Very Parisian. The design and neighborhood so industrial.