Wine and Champagne Tour

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The beginnings: champagne, wine & france

 This trip is in the initial concept ... there needs to be many evenings of good food and of course champagne to discuss the details of the trip. As with other trips, they start with an idea and just go from there. Other trips have had themes: Cloisters in 2003, Vita Italiana in 2005.

Champagne. The French province Champagne, in the northeast corner of France, is the birthplace of the celebrated beverage that bears its name. The finest champagne is created in Reims and the surrounding area. There are tours of champagne cellars available. Troyes is one of Champagne's historic cities. Charleville-Mezieres in the French Ardennes houses many sights of historic significance, such as Place Ducale. Chaumont is situated alongside the scenic Marne River.

Wine. The area around Beaune hosts some of the best wines in France.

France. Other ares of France on this tour include the Dordogne.