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Hotel Andrea

Hotel Andrea
Tucepi, Croatia

Hotel Lapad

Hotel Lapad
Dubrovnik, Croatia


View some post cards of the market in Split





Split was one of the cities we ranked as being the most interesting of those we saw on this trip to Croatia. It is well known as here, Roman Emperor Diocletian built his palace of which there are major segments still in place.

Split Split
Split Split Market


We also took day trips out to the towns of Hvar and Trogir. Although Hvar is the location that is most written up in the tour guides, I found Trogir to be much more interesting and certainly a place not to visit if you travel to the area.

Here are some post cards of the market in Split

Hvar Trogir

Hvar, once vart of the Venetia Empire.

Trogir, stunning town.



We choose this to be our "beach day" before we would arrive in Dubrovnik. We stayed at the very pleasant Hotel Andrea. It was just a few yards to the water. No sandy beaces, however, here. Along this section of the coast the shore is covered with peebles or small rocks. But, once you got into the water (ouch, ouch, ouch over the stones) it was great. The gods were with us as we left Split in the morning with clouds, and a weather forecast that predicted rain, when we arrived the clouds dissappeared and we had a great hot sunny day.

Our meal at the Hotel Andrea was also top notch.




We had great expectations for Dubrovnik. We were stayling at the Hotel LaPad which is located outside the old town, in the harbour where the ferries dock. We choose that located for the hotel, and it would be convient when we took the "midnight ferry to Bari, Italy".

The old town is designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site and it is stunning. Perhaps the only aspect that detracts from the architecture and setting of the town is the end hoards of tour groups!.

On our way by boat to Dubrovnik Dubrovnik
Dubrovnik Dubrovnik
Dubrovnik Dubrovnik


Dubronvnik has two stunning Cloisters within the walls of the old town.


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