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Borgo Pietrafitta

Borgo di Pietrafitta
Castellina in Chianti (Siena), www.borgopietrafitta.com

Borgo San Faustino

Borgo San Faustino
Località San Faustino, 11 - 05018 - Morrano di Orvieto

Hotel Columbia

Hotel Columbia
via del Viminale, 15



We ended our travels in Rome.



The group part of the vacation was now over. We dropped Chris and Carmen off at the Salerno train station and they would travel to Rome and then fly back to Vancouver. Mike, Margot, Fin and Max would remain one more day in Amalfi and then drive to Rome and fly back to England.

We head up to Tuscany and stayed four nights at the very scenic Borgo di Pietrafitta. Located in the Chianti region of Tuscany the Borgo is located just outside the small town of Castellina in Chianti. Since this is about 50 km from Florence we also took in a day trip to Firenze.

Borgo Pietrafitta Borgo Pietrafitta

At the Borgo Pietrafitta the units are arranged in apartments, one or two bedrooms with completed kitchens.

Borgo Pietrafitta has a great infinity pool so you can relax and look out over the Tuscan valley.

Borgo Pietrafitta Borgo Pietrafitta Borgo Pietrafitta Borgo Pietrafitta


We always look forward to any chance we get to visit Firenze (Florence) and being only 50 km away this was it. Getting into the city was relatively easy and we parked the car at a garage near the Ponti Veccho, costly but very handy. Then it was a day of walking around, seeing familiar sites.

We were able to visit with Silvano Qercia at the Visconti Showroom and get caught up on news with the Visconti pen company. And, we were treated to a festival that took place in Florence. I think the festival was part of the Rassegna del Chianti Classico events that take place in September. At one point a cart piled high with Chianti wine was pulled into the Piazza Signoria.

Festival in Florence | Firenze Pagent in Florence | Firenze
Chianti wine Firenze Flag event in Florence
Visconti Showroom Florence Silvano Quercia and Glenn Marcus at Visconti Showroom Florence


San Faustino/Orvieto

We next travel to San Faustino, located just outside of Orvieto and stay with our friend Maurizio at the Borgo San Faustino. He is celebrating his birthday so there is a great meal, champagne and dessert. Bravo! We enjoy staying up in the hills above Orvieto. From here it is just a 3/4 hour drive to Rome.

Borgo San Faustino Borgo San Faustino



We drive into Rome, drop the car off at the Renault lot and then cab into the city to stay at the Hotel Columbia. We have a drink with owner Patricia and then head off to visit Marco at Novelli Pen -- always one of the highlights of any trip to Rome.

Click here for some images of Rome.

I acquire a beautiful Montegrappa Extra 1930 fountain pen, the Marble Green edition. I am speechless. We attend an Opera Concerto held in one of the churches - great singers and voices and music just fill the old church with a rich sound.

What is becoming a tradition, drinks on the roof-top patio/bar/restaurant of the Hotel Raphael located just off the Piazzo Novana.

Terrace at Hotel Raphael Glenn Marcus at Novelli Pen Archde of via san marcello Stunning church domes

Roof top terrace at the Hotel Raphael.

Glenn admiring pens at Novelli Pen in Rome.

Beautiful archade of a private building at the end of via san marcello (see it when you visit Novelli Pen!)

The domes and ceilings of the churches in Rome are stunning.

Opera concerto in Rome Karen and Glenn in Rome Glenn Marcus and Marco Parascenzo at Novelli Pen in Rome Montegrappa Extra 1930 in Marble Green

We attended an Opera Concerto that took place at the Chiesa di San Paolo in Rome.

Karen and Glenn at the Trevi Fountain - one of our must see places on all visits to Rome.

Glenn Marcus and Marco Parascenzo at Novelli Pen in Rome.

The beautiful Montegrappa Extra 1930 in Marble Green.


Dinner at COTTO, a good restaurant just around the corner from the hotel. Sight seeing at our favourite places.

Rome - Trevi Fountain Rome - Piazza Novana
Rome Rome



It is back to Canada. Like many trips, the flight back sometimes is draining. A plane that left four hours late, missed connections in Montreal, standby tension but in the end getting on a plane for Vancouver.

Too tiring to do it again? No way. We are already planning Italy 2010!