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Arriving back in Italy, we land in Bari on the east coast of Italy at 7:00 am. The night ferry seemed like a good idea when we did our planning, but the trip was very rough due to a storm and it was a night of little sleep.

See some of our Post Cards of Bari

But, it was nice to be back in Italy. Rather than just blasting from the ferry dock we went into the old centre of town. We were pleased we did. Bari is one of those cities that travelers tend to avoid. Don't, we found Bari to be interesting and scenic.

We found a cafe and stopped for some great Italian coffee and brioche. Oh, it was good to be back.

We toured the Castlelo Svevo di Bari and walked some of the old streets. This town has character.

Bari Bari

Having a coffee at a cafe on the street in the old section of Bari. It was good to be home!

The Castle originally built in the 1100's has been rebuilt a number of times. Impressive with an interesting history.

Bari Bari

The old section of bar has a great feel.

Lots of small streets and passageways to walk.


Castel del Mont

Built by Emperor Frederick it is a perfect octagon. Built in 1240 is all about the number eight. Each tower has eight rooms, all interconnected, each facing the octagonal courtyard. Each room only one small window.

Castelle du Mont Castelle du Mont



Here was a very interesting stop. This was was least popular of the routes used in the first part of the middle ages. The Benedictine and Basilian monks, fleeing from persecution in other areas, came to Matera. They excavated cells, chapels and churches in the hills, valleys and ravines around Matera.

The area became known as the "i sassi" which means stones and more and more people can to live in the caves that were dug into the hills. The caves, with some 15,000 people in 1952 were eventually outlawed, but there are plenty of medieval and renaissance buildings all carved into the slopes of the ravine.

This is a World Heritage Site, it was also the location for Mel Gibson's movie, Passion of the Christ, chosen as you will feel you have gone back in time walking some of the old passageways and the back slopes of the hills with the old caves.

Matera Matera


Amalfi Coast

We will arrive on the Amalfi Coast and spend a week in an area of Italy that we rank as one of the best. We were so glad to be back at the Hotel Villa San Michele with our great hosts Nicola, his wife Rose. Leo and Anna Maria looked after us so well.

There was plenty of time at the water. Lots of walks along the trails. I walked up from Amalfi to Ravello with my friend Mike Arbogast, up and back in just over 90 minutes! Incredible. Every day started with Mike and I taking a good "fast-paced" walk. We had a boat cruise one day. Part of that was hampered by a major storm that hit the coast. You know when all the ferries are cancelled you really should not be out on the water!

Amalfi Coast Amalfi
Amalfi Amalfi
Glenn Marcus at Villa San Michele in Amalfi Carmen and Chris Grant opening champagne for anniversary Mike and Margot Arbogast in Amalfi Glenn & Karen Marcus at Villa San Michele in Amalfi
Maxine and Finn Orr in Amalfi Chris and Carment Grant in Amalfi Mike Arbogast exploring the trails above Amalfi Rosa, Leo and Nicola of Villa San Michele
We ate a great lunch on our boat trip Sorrento Great time on the water at Villa San Michele Mike Arbogast in Amalfi

Glenn Marcus |
Maxine and Finn Orr at Villa San Michele
| Big pans of pasta!

Carmen and Chris opening the wine | Carmen and Chris at Villa San Michele | Day trip to Sorrento

Mike and Margot Arbogast | Mike exploring trails above Amalfi | Great time at Villa San Michele

Glenn and Karen Marcus | Rosa, Leo and Nicola of the Villa San Michele | Mike Arbogast in Amalfi




Week Four