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In the planning stage

We are starting to put in place some of the plans for our our 2018 travels

Although 2018 is still quite far off, we have already booked time on the Amalfi Coast, so it is touchdown in Italy. What we do before and after Amalfi is all in the concept stage.


We return to Italy


In 2018 we are returning for some time on the Amalfi Coast. We will stay at "our" hotel, the Villa San Michele, located just outside of Amalfi. I will walk along this road and enjoy this view many many times.


Nothing committed yet, but I always enjoy my time in Napoli. We have a friend there, and it would be good to reconnect.


I am looking forward to time exploring and enjoying the small town of Atrani, located just 2 km from Amalfi and on the road to our hotel.

Rome for sure

If we are going to be Italy then we are going to spend some time in Rome.

In Planning

If we are in Amalfi, then we will spend some time in Ravello. Although parts of the town seem dominated with tourists, walking and exploring the area gives view of the beautiful old town and it feels like just you and the history are there at the moment.

In planning

Once we get to Italy there are so many other regions to consider.

In planning

Italy is about architecture, the countryside, the people, the food and the culture. It is about just being there.

In planning

We may be able to get back to the Parco Regionale Appia Antica. The park, a protected area since 1988, is very large, around 3400 hectares, too huge for a day walking trip. But I found on a previous visit there are where you can park a car and then walkinto sections and get a real sense of the park. You can rent bikes also.