Fall 2021 | Returning to Italy

We did everything we had to do for international travel during the COVID-19 experience. We flew with Air France non-stop Vancouver to Paris, then from Paris to Rome. We made the right choice to build in extra transfer time at Paris. One hour is a bit too tight to make the change from the International to the Domestic Terminal. Renault picked us up at the airport to take us to the Renault Pick-Up Centre, about a 15-20 drive away from the auirport.

The four segments to this year's travels are:



Lazio - Latina - our base is a beautiful apartment in the coastal town of San Felice Circeo.


Tuscany - Chianti - our apartment a the Petrafitta Agriturismo is located just outside of Castellina-in-Chianti.


Lazio - Tuscia - our apartment is located in the told town of Castel Cellesi.


Rome - we had to find a new apartment, and selected one on the historic via Governo Vecchio.


From Rome we drive and hour and a half to the town of San Felice Circeo on the coast between south of Rome. After a week in San Felice Circeo we drove north to Castelina-in-Chianti to return to the Agriturismo Petrafitta, were we have stayed a number of time. That was one of our longest drives taking just under five hours. Our next destination was just over two hours south, in the old town of Castel Cellesi, located between Orvieto and Bolsena. From Castell Cellesi it was two hour drive back to Rome. This involved dropping the care back at the Renault TT delivery/drop off location near Fiumicino and concluded the vacation with a week in Rome.

Segment 1: Lazio - Latina: San Felice Circeo

San Felice Circeo, located on the coast south of Rome, is a very old town, and as a resort is popular with Italians and Europeans.This was our base to travel this area.

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San Felice Circeo

The old centre of San Felice Circeo

San Felice Circeo Lighthouse

San Felice Circeo Lighthouse

Segment 2: Tuscany - Chianti: Castellina-in-Chianti

We returned to Casteliina-in-Chianti, to again stay at Borgo di Pietrafitta.Castellina-in-Chianti is well positioned, being located about 35 kilometres south of Florence and about 15 kilometres northwest of Siena.

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Tuscany landscape is unforgeable.

Segment 3: Lazio - Tuscia: Castel Cellesi

We drove back south to the Lazio Region to stay at an apartment just outside of the townn of Castel Cellesi. A small town dating back to the 1600s. It is well positioned being about 40 minutes from Orvieto or 20 minutes to Viterbo.

We enjoyed our stay at our apartment in Castel Cellesi we have already book time in 2022!

More on information on our stay - Castel Cellesi



Many old medieval towns build on the slopes of hills to explore.

Castell Ceellesi

Castell Celesi with its gate leading into the square.

Segment 4: Lazio: Rome

Finally we returned to Rome. We had to find a new apartment as the location we have previously been rented was taken off the market. Our apartment on the historic via Governo Vecchio was well positioned to explore Rome.

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Rome Apartment

Our apartment had a private patio, however, being the first week of November, there really was not the weather to enjoy the patio.


Rome Apartment 2021

Our apartment was on the very interesting via Governo Vecchio pack with interesting shops, bars and restaurants. Just down the street is the Piazza Navona.



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