2020 Travels

Planning for our 2020 travels is underway. The Fall trip to Italy is complete. We are finalizing the locations of our Spring travels - France and Northern Spain.

More will be added shortly.

The planning

Sometimes the planning just happens. You get the message. Let's meet at .... and next thing you have a place to stay book and you and your first anchor on an upcoming trip.

For other times, there is lots of talking about this place or that place... and it takes a while before a trip starts to take shape.

Our Spring 2020 travels has changed back and forth as to whether we want time in cities, or time in the country side. I believe the country is winning. We have time in Paris and then in the south-west of France and Northern Spain. Flights are booked, just accomodations to be finalized.

Our Fall 2020 travels have started with a "let's meet in Amalfi". We worked around the Amalfi event, and have a great trip planned with time in Umbria, Compania and Lazio.

Spring Travels

We fly from Vancouver to Paris on the very good Air France non-stop Vancouver-Paris flight. Then we travel down to South-West France to arrive in Toulouse and then drive to Auch. From there we will drive to San Sebastián in Northern Spain.

Auch, France


Auch is the capital of the Gers department, in the Occitanie Region. An original Roman settlement, eventually named Augusta, and then later evolved into the modern Gascon Aush, or French Auch.

From here it is easy to travel to Toulouse (1 hour) and other locations.

Bilbao, Spain

Guggenheim Bilbao

I think we will be staying at a town about an hour from Bilbao. That will provide an opportunity to drive to Bilbao to shoot the well known Guggenheim Museum Bilbao - which was designed by architect Frank Gehry. The museum opened in 1997.

From there, we are hoping to spend some time in the country side. I am a big fan of Architect Frank Gehry's work. I have had to opportunity to photograph some of his work in various cities. My goal will be to create photo like the above, which is part of the Guggenheim Bilbao Museum website. We are looking forward to spending time in Bilbao which is located just inland from the north coast the Bay of Biscay.


La Rochelle

We will drive back up along the west coast of France and end the trip with a week in Paris. Pictured above is the port of La Rochelle.

Fall Travels

For our fall travels we fly from Vancouver to Paris on Air France, and then onto Rome. We will pickup our car and spend the next two weeks in two different areas of Umbria.

First, near Lago Bolsena. Lake Bolsena is located in what is known as the Alta Tuscia. Tuscia reflects the Etruria history and culture. Tusci is plural for the Etruscans.

The town of Bolsena is one of the most scenic towns in the area. Tree-line lakefront complete with a medieval centre. There is also the town of Montefiascone, oneof the largst villages on the lake. It includes the Rocca dei Papi and the belvedere for great views. The Renaissance Cathedral of anta Margherita and the San Flaviano Church are noted churches to see. The town of Marta is on the southern shores of the Lake and faces the Martana Island. Great historic centre, port with fishing boats.

Then up to the Gubbio to return to Agriturismo La Panoramica Gubbio we stayed at last year. It is well positioned to travel in Umbria and some of the Marche Region.



We leave Umbria, drive to Rome, drop off the care and travel by train to Naples. We will arrange for a driver to take us to Amalfi for another great group event at the beautiful Hotel Villa San Michele located just outside of Amalfi. We have been staying at this small hotel for many years. It is quite the special place. The first group event was back in 2005. We repeated it again a number of years later and here we are again. Many of the group are from Vancouver and we actually had an Italian dinner party in February to get into the mood! Three times for a group event will certainly be good vibes.


From Amalfi we travel up to Rome to spend a week in one of our favourite cities. Much to do and see. I have various photography projects being planned.


There is no other city like Rome.