Welcome to our Travel Journal

Through our Travel Journal we share our travel experiences from our various trips. We organize the Journals by the regions of Italy and France. Various travel books seem to write about each country differently, so using the government regions is the best and most consistent approach.

If you have an interest in cloisters, we have a dedicated site with information on cloisters in Italy, France and Croatia.

We have become skilled at finding some of the best places to stay and eat, and we list those on our Great Places to Stay site, again organized by Region of Croatia, France or Italy.

Also, each year we maintain a chronology of places and events of our specific trips under the Trips of Note (select from Menu at top). They are listed by year, and available from the top menu.

Travel and photography go together and we have asembled some of our photographs on our photography site - Photography by Marcus.

Through our travels we have become very astute in planning trips primarily through Italy and France. Marcus Travel Planning provides affordable fee-based travel planning services. Why pay for some travel planning services? Given the overall price of a French or Italian vacation, planning can make the difference between a trip and a great trip!

Please enjoy.

Karen & Glenn Marcus.